Common Types of Construction Injuries

Common Types of Construction Injuries
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Construction sites pose a real threat to the safety and health of people around these areas. This is attributed to the fact that construction workers are expected to do manual jobs, work from tight or risky positions, and at times operate powerful machines. In all these scenarios, the possibility of getting injured while on the job is often real for construction workers.

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Being injured at work comes will all manner of inconveniences. Workplace injuries mean being unable to get to work, coping with serious medical bills, or even incapacitation depending on the magnitude of the injury.

Causes of Construction Injuries

There are many possible risks faced by construction workers face. Here are some common types or causes of injuries on construction sites according to the Occupation Health & Safety Administration (OSHA).

  • Falls: Accidental falls from heights are quite frequent in construction sites. Workers are always at risk of falling off from elevated position to the ground below them either because of structural problems or some mistake on their part. They can also accidentally fall into ditches or holes on the site.
  • Trench Collapse: This accident often affects workers digging a trench or those working in or around these areas. These injuries result in severe injuries, or the person might be buried alive.
  • Collapsed Scaffolding: OSHA has elaborate rules and guidelines on the safety of scaffolding. But this does not eliminate the possibility of being injured, which often results in serious injuries or even fatalities.
  • Electric Injuries: Using high power equipment often subjects the workers to the risk of electric shocks or arc blasts.
  • Repeated Motion: Constant motion often leaves muscles and other soft tissues worn out and damaged. The manual nature of some job often causes all manner of muscular aches or even mobility issues.
  • Failure to use Personal Protective Equipment: Anyone on a construction site should always wear protective gear. Inability to wear appropriate gear is in itself a significant cause of construction site injuries.

construction siteWhenever you sustain an injury at the workplace, you certainly need some time from work, and your medical bills need to be sorted. The effects of construction injuries often leave the affected persons at a substantial financial and professional mess.

However, most jurisdictions got you covered. Those who have fallen from heights on construction sites and are coping with severe pain, financial issues and things like missed work need expert help. Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you find a softer landing through legal means.

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