Tag: Law And Order

Tag: Law And Order

Importance Of Law And Order
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Law and order are necessary for any state to prosper. In most countries, the law is maintained by the judiciary which is normally an independent arm of the government. Law and order are enforced by disciplined forces like the police and FBI just to name a few. For countries that do not have proper law and order, they tend to have dwindling economies to lack of patriotism; which always results in devastating effects. In an environment where law and order govern every person, thriving becomes natural hence our advocacy for the aforementioned. This post highlights some of the benefits that are a result of law and order.

Benefits of law and order

Equal opportunity access


The existence of law and order enables people to live as equals. This provides an avenue for everyone to pursue what they are interested in, given that resources are fairly available to everyone. With equal opportunities, everyone will be working hard, and in return, their country grows economically. Equal opportunities also make people work better given that it’s their choice to do whatever they want.

Availability of security

For there to be development, security has to be in place. It is easier for people to make investments in their country when they have an assurance that their property and other forms of investment are safe and protected by the law. When the judiciary and the security forces work hand in hand to enforce the law and provide security, citizens will be comfortable and concentrate on working and building their nation. Security, especially in less developed places in the world attracts foreign investments, a key ingredient in improving the status of a country.

Resolution of disputes

Disputes are common, and when there is no neutral party to settle them, things get out of hand. The law is an important ingredient when it comes to resolving conflicts and coming up with fair resolutions that are accepted by everyone. Without proper law enforcement, when people have a conflict they will often use violence as a means to try and resolve the conflict. The outcome of this in all cases is not fair at all. Having laws in place ensures that such disputes arising among people are resolved easily and amicably. This will also play a major role in ensuring that the people governed by the law live peacefully with each other.


dlsklnvkllsadnvkkasldnvlkasndklvnlaksdnvlksandlkvnalskdnvklsandvsadFairness is important to all people in a country. With law and order being reinforced, people naturally become fair in their dealings, hence reducing cases where people are taken advantage of. If this the case, the society will end up prosperous since people will be at peace with each other and ready to work on projects that will improve their living standards and that of their fellow citizens.…