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Modern marketing strategies for law firms
Image 13/10/2017 Law James Cook

Everybody is entitled to legal representation, and that is a right that is enshrined in laws across most jurisdictions. Therefore you should not view representation in court as a matter of privilege but as a right that cannot be negated. Whenever we are faced with legal battles, the first step is to seek an advisory opinion from a lawyer. Therefore, as a lawyer, it is important to explore various mechanisms through which you can broadcast your services and make yourself useful to the community. In a world that has embraced the integration of technology, the internet is a fundamental tool of ensuring that you market your brand and services to the world.

Modern marketing strategies like facebook marketing for attorneys revolve around the internet, and such models have adequately replaced the conventional methods. These traditional methods were costly and constrained in terms of audience. Basically, they were not effective. However modern techniques have proved to be beneficial to startup law firms as well as those that are already established in the market. The most common modern methods of advertisements that are listed as follows;


Sites represent a virtual representation of a real law firm and therefore it gives prospective clients an opportunity to review the type of services you offer. In this regard, the law firm is required to portray as much information as possible so that a client is persuaded to seek aid in the firm. Websites have increasingly become a popular platform for lawyers that are looking to expand their client base beyond their limited jurisdiction.

Email marketing

Electronic mail is a popular form of communication that allows users to exchange real time messages. It is arguable that every adult has an email address that he uses for personal and commercial purposes. Therefore this form of marketing is useful because of the already existing pool of users. This type of marketing is effected through sending emails to previous, current and prospective customers. The messages contain an elaborate description of services that the law firm could render to the potential client. Also, during regular correspondence with clients the firm can attach advertisements to the message conveyed.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been a great platform for marketers around the globe. This is due to the increased number of account holders in the modern society. Therefore law firms can create pages and handles that continually update followers on the services that are offered. However, such marketing is only effective when you are able to attract as many followers as possible.